With three new TV shows airing in Ramadan, we are in love with Chupke Chupke starring Ayeza Khan & Osman Khalid Butt, which makes us convulse with laughter with each episode.


We are giving you our top-5 reasons to watch this show!


  1. Meenu ki tabahee!
    Meenu ki tabahee

Meet Meenu, the clumsiest girl ever! We see our protagonist Meenu AKA Ayeza Khan casually, distractedly breaking things around house. Wherever she goes, trouble follows. From breaking lamp while wearing her bag or dropping sugar, tealeaves on the floor or tripping and what not, we have seen it all. Despite her gracelessness, she melts our hearts with her innocence and of course, the pet dialogue “Meenu larki tu bari cool hai…ye dunya badi fazool hai”!


  1. The sautan-battle:
    The sautan-battle

So apparently, the story revolves around two houses whose matriarchs are co-wives of the leads’ (deceased) dadajee. Their never-ending rivalry becomes a competition of everything from likes on social media to whose grandson will get married first. We love the dadi-conflict and how they pull each other’s leg!


  1. CBA debut:
    CBA debut

 Chupke Chupke is a treat for CBA army who were waiting for Arsalan Naseer’s on-screen debut. Followers of his YouTube videos love how his subtle (yet on point) comedy cracks us up. He did not fail to impress us with his debut performance and made us fall in love with Hadi. Also, how can one miss the iconic ‘bhae wah’, which is something all his fans were looking forward to!?


  1. Kifayat ki kanjoosi:
    Kifayat ki kanjoosi

If there’s one character that has fab screen presence it is Kifayat AKA Farhan Ali Agha. The owner of poultry farm and ever so stingy! He needs hisaab kitaab of every petty expense, has a habit of turning off lights at home (to save money) and is all-time worried about bills. His wife, Kaneez, the ultimate clean freak, played by the elegant Tara Mehmood and his mother, the social media addict, played by Asma Abbas are frustrated! But we love how he leaves no opportunity to save up!


  1. Gul & Miskeen’s chemistry:
    Gul & Miskeen’s


We have been seeing a culture of ghar-jamai in Pakistani dramas these days and it thrills us to see how the roles have been switched. The husband has taken over the domestic responsibilities, an unusual situation. In Chupke Chupke, Gul-e-Rana (mira Sethi) and Miskeen’s (Ali Safina) couple has our heart. No matter how much Gul fights with her husband, we see her blushing when someone mentions their couple. Somewhere in-between the nok-jhok and Miskeen’s weirdness, their love exists. Their on-screen chemistry is thriving!


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