Not sure about which book you should pick up next? Check out the below book recommendation based on what your favorite colour signifies!


1. Black: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo:

Book Recommendation

Colour significance: Power, death and evil


Those who love the colour black tend to love dark academia – a concept that involves literature about themes such as death and Goth. Ninth House is a classic example of this genre with the protagonist having ability to see ghosts and Yale’s secret societies practicing dark magic. A murder, a suspect and another side to the story; Ninth House will keep you at the edge!


2. White: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han:

Book Recommendation

Colour significance: Innocence and goodness


Want to lighten up the mood? Then, this should be your next pick. You will cherish the sweet moments and chemistry development between Lara-Jean and Peter Kavinsky as the love letters from Lara’s childhood, kept inside her hatbox are mysteriously sent to all her crushes. The kind of book you’d finish in one sitting! 


3. Blue: Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed:

Book Recommendation

Colour significance: Wisdom and inspiration


A much-celebrated author back with an inspiring novel – Reclaim Your Heart is the perfect cure to a wounded heart or distressed mind. Mogahed’s thought-provoking words of wisdom, backed with religious (Quranic) affirmations will evoke hope and give undesirable situations a positive perspective. 


4. Pink: Field Notes On Love by Jennifer E. Smith:

Book Recommendation

Colour significance: Romance and charm


With an abundance of romance novels, it is difficult to come up with a unique story that manages to hold your attention. Field Notes On Love won’t disappoint. Hugo and Mae, strangers who comes together on a train journey, will restore your faith in love and won’t let that smile disappear till the novel reaches its end.  


5. Purple: Heartless by Marissa Meyer:

Book Recommendation

Colour significance: Royalty and ambition


There’s a king and there’s an ambitious baker who doesn’t want to marry the king. An odd fairytale that dates back to the time before Alice in the Wonderland, Heartless is about a girl who wants to live her passion and fall in love. Will she surrender to her parents’ wish AKA become the next queen of Hearts or fight for her dream?


6. Red: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff:

Colour significance: War, danger and passion

Did someone say space war and artificial intelligence? An unusual futuristic novel, written in the form of memos, emails, digital conversations and interviews, Illumiae is a complete package for all sci-fi fanatics. The inside is equally beautiful as the orange glossy cover, with special black pages allocated to the AI and diary entries. 

Kady Grant tells the story of the space war (although not a first-person narration) of the year 2575, which is also the classified record of the war itself. While the book is primarily a sci-fi, there’s a romantic angle to it as well. The story continues in two more books following Illuminae, making it a trilogy.


7. Yellow: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell:

Colour significance: Happiness and positivity


Cath writes Simon Snow fanfiction and her work is massively read and appreciated. But what happens when she goes to college, accompanying her twin sister, and leaves behind her old life? Will she be able to keep a balance between academics and her passion or will she have to make a choice?


Full of life, Fangirl is a rollercoaster ride, where you’ll experience the ups and downs with Cath, find love and live life as a true fangirl. Also enjoy snippets from the Simon Snow saga after every other chapter! 


8. Green: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett:

Colour significance: Nature and freshness


Read this novel for its wonderful character growth and development. Mary, an arrogant little girl changes completely when she finds an enchanted ‘secret garden’ at her new guardian’s house. Although it’s a children’s classic, people of every age would enjoy this celebration of magic and friendship. Bonds created based on secrets that will stay with you forever! 


9. Orange: Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami:

Colour significance: Fascination and determination


Magical realism is the genre not everyone enjoys but Murakami’s works are undoubtedly enjoyable for everyone. Two tales simultaneously move forward only to intertwine at one point. This book is nothing less than a masterpiece with eerie situations and strong imageries. 


10. Brown: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover:

Colour significance: Loneliness and isolation


It ends with us is not an unhappy book per se but sheds light upon some of the crucial issues of our society, which need to be discussed. Lily’s story is not uncommon yet beautifully portrayed by Colleen Hoover. 


We give power to hurt us to those we love and that’s the price for love Lily had to pay, every single time. Despite life being difficult on her, she didn’t lose hope and kept on going. This novel is a great message of courage for everyone battling and struggling in life. 


Note: Colour significances from Google


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