1. Ambitiousness:

This Does not necessarily mean money. Ambition means to commit; it means to desire something enough to work hard in its pursuit. Ambition is to crave that thing you desire with zeal and passion. Are we going to spend precious time explaining to our readers why women want someone who has this quality in their lives? It is pretty self-explanatory, is it not? Whether it’s the ambition to run a happy household or make a mark in the professional world, we would not be satisfied with someone who does not want to do the same alongside us.

2. Intelligence

Intelligence is sexy. It just is. That’s a universal fact. Intelligence looks good on everyone, man or woman. Try it. 



Passion for the person they are with, passion for what they do, passion for what they want to do. Passion for their life. Passion is life. Passion is the core of life. There is no life without passion. If the person you are with is not passionate about life, he is living or the project he is involved in, then maybe he is not fully invested in his life. Which means he doesn’t commit to his decisions or doesn’t make the decisions that make him happy. Could you be one of them? You don’t want to be someone’s maybe.

4. Balanced

While passion is impressive and extremely important, practicality and balance in what you want to do in life are also important. One can be passionate about helping people, but how you help people has to be something practical and in the realm of reality and possibility. Balance is keeping everything in perspective of the big picture.

5. Supportiveness:

Does he see you? Does he recognize that it’s not all about him and his dreams? He understands that your passions and ambitions are essential, as well. He lets you do you; that’s what a supportive guy would do. That is what a woman needs and should have. This is not a significant demand. This is what everyone in a relationship should do for each other. In fact, this is not even just about two people who are romantically involved. Anyone who cares about another person should be supportive of their loved ones’ ambitions.

6. Romance:

Movie night, a well-timed compliment, chocolate-covered strawberries, a rose, there are so many ways, if you don’t think he knows what you consider romance, tell him what you want.  Telling them is better than not having what you want. 

7. Good listening Skills:

If he is the right person, he will listen. He will pay attention, and he will try to do as you have asked. This is an essential quality. Most decent men are ready to learn how to process information and keep it in their heads. 

8. Hygiene:

Make sure they shower every day. What else? Oh, goodness me, so much more. 

Make sure he is making good use of deodorant and mints. Showering is a must, but if that is something you have to remind him of, his game in the other categories must be very strong. 

9. Reliability:

He should be there. He needs to be there for you, and he needs to be the kind of guy who others can count on as well. His family and friends should vouch for the fact that he is a reliable and trustworthy person. After all, it is not enough that there is only one person that guarantees for him if there is any chance of making a life with anyone; you need to have more people saying the same thing.

10. Faithfulness:

Do we need to say anything else? Faith takes so many forms, doesn’t it? He needs to be faithful to others as well. He needs to show faith in himself and you. He needs to have faith in the relationship you have. He needs to have faith in the world. He needs to have faith in all the good that is all around us. We don’t deserve a loser who is cynical and mistrusts everything either. It’s cool in movies and TV, but in real life, it’s a drag. 

11. Kindness:

Kindness looks good on everyone. You want to be loved with tenderness. You want to do the same for him too. You want a two-way thing. We as women are trained and conditioned to be kind and tender; it would be nice to get that in return. We totally deserve it. Kind is sexy.

12. Confidence:


He needs to know who he is, and he needs to be proud of it. Unless he is not sure of himself, he cannot give you what you need. We need a confident, sure-of-himself dude. Confidence is sexy. Sexy is important. 

13. Being Respectful:

Respect me for my opinions and my ideas that are different from yours, and I will love you for it. You will get so much more of me than you can even imagine. If men understood that simple concept, they would have better relationships with women in whatever capacity. RESPECT US.

14. Paying Attention:


When we talk, look us In THE EYE. It is that simple. 

15. Focus:

This relates to the above. They need to understand that when they are looking at us while we are giving them our ideas, they shouldn’t be thinking, “let her finish talking so I can tell her what she should ACTUALLy be thinking.” We live in the same world they do. We observe the same things they do. They need to let us tell them what we want our world to look like because we have to live side by side. Sometimes those worlds have to mesh.


What do you guys think? Shall we start asking our men to think about these and maybe rethink how they act around us?

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