Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Abandonment

In the previous article, we discussed types of fear and they were fear of abandonment, rejection, or disapproval. Fear of losing oneself or being trapped in pain, loss of self and fear of the unknown.  It took me a while to write on this topic as it is something I struggle with. In the next […]

Toxic male characters in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3


Airing on Geo TV network, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is probably the one Pakistani drama that everyone from youth to elderly are watching and hyping up these days. But I think, Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 is getting problematic episode after episode, with not only its plot but its toxic male characters too. Here is my […]

Phaans an impressive end

Phaans drama, airing on Hum TV network, starring Sami Khan, Zara Noor Abbas and Shehzad Sheikh recently ended and I was impressed with the last episode! The drama revolved around story of a young girl, Zeba who was sexually assaulted by an influential’s son, Sahil (Shehzad Sheikh), who pretended to be mentally ill (acted like […]


Hi to all those people struggling to manage their unhealthy emotions. In the previous article we discussed what is hurt? And what the common causes of hurt are. In today’s article we will discover ways to manage this emotion. But before we proceed we need to understand what a grudge is? Imagine while walking you are […]

The Maidens A letdown

In 2019, Alex Michaelides stunned all the readers with his thrilling debut, The Silent Patient. All his fans, including me, were eagerly waiting for his next, The Maidens, which was released earlier this month.  Although fast-paced and happening, Alex Michaelides failed to impress me with his new novel despite all the dark academia & Greek […]


Faiza Mubeen Faiza Mubeen is a counselor and a part of many projects related to women and mental health. We sat down with her for a live session. We wanted to know about her work and what makes her want to do what she does. Femmerang: What made you decide to go into this line […]

Femmerang’s One on One with Marium Zara

Femmerang’s One on One with Marium Zara Author of Project Illuminae I’m sure you have heard the term calm within a storm. That is the best way to describe this young woman, Marium Zara. She is wise beyond her years. Her work, her passion for what she wants to achieve speaks for themselves. She describes […]

Iyzil Collaboration With Femmerang to Ensure Women Safety and Security

Femmerang is proudly collaborating with Iyzil – Pakistan’s First Smart Female Security Solution. Together we are ensuring that women can ‘Feel Safe’ &‘Stay Safe’. Iyzil is designed solely to make all women in Pakistan ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’ everywhere 24/7. They can get instant help in case of an emergency from their Personal Responders […]

Zero Thinking 1

Hi everyone, I am sure you all are doing well. And I am hoping that you all are taking care of yourself in this holy month. I call it the special self-care month. Why? Because we make sure or at least try to do those activities that we were designed to do. We truly tap into ourselves […]


MASTERCHEF QUIZ PART 2     Calling out all the Queens of Kitchen to take this two-part series quiz! If you’ve taken the first quiz, then it’s time to test your desi cuisine knowledge by answering the below food GK questions.  Let us know your score on Instagram @femmerang.   Which province is ‘sajji’ originally […]